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What is Vissim 8.0.46 and why you should use it

Vissim is a traffic simulation software that allows you to model and analyze complex traffic scenarios in a realistic and efficient way. Vissim 8.0.46 is the latest version of the software, released in September 2023, that offers several new features and improvements over the previous versions.

In this article, we will introduce some of the main functions of Vissim 8.0.46 and explain how they can benefit your traffic planning and management projects.


Traffic emissions modelling

One of the most important aspects of traffic simulation is to evaluate the environmental impact of different traffic solutions. Vissim 8.0.46 allows you to calculate accurate emission results from your traffic simulations using the Bosch Air Quality platform, a cloud-based service that provides country-specific traffic and vehicle data. You can use this feature to compare various scenarios, such as changing signal timing, implementing intelligent traffic systems, or modifying vehicle types, and see how they affect vehicle-based carbon emissions. This way, you can design more sustainable and eco-friendly traffic measures that meet your environmental regulations.

Micro, meso or hybrid simulation

Vissim 8.0.46 gives you the flexibility to choose the level of detail for your traffic simulation, depending on your application and needs. You can use the microscopic model to simulate individual vehicles and pedestrians with the highest level of detail, or the mesoscopic model to simulate larger regions with a lower level of detail and faster computation time. You can also combine both models in a hybrid simulation, where you can assign different resolutions to different parts of your network. For example, you can use the microscopic model for urban areas and the mesoscopic model for highways, or vice versa.

Traffic simulation for OEMs

If you are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) who wants to test your advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) or connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technologies in realistic traffic movements, Vissim 8.0.46 has the perfect solution for you: the Vissim Kernel. The Vissim Kernel is a headless calculation engine that runs on Linux OS and enables you to work with Vissim, the world's most advanced traffic simulation software, without a graphical user interface (GUI). You can use the Vissim Kernel to create virtual test environments for your ADAS and CAV systems, where you can simulate autonomous and connected vehicles and their interactions with other road users.

Intelligent traffic control

Vissim 8.0.46 also helps you to optimize your traffic control strategies by integrating state-of-the-art traffic management systems (or advanced traffic management systems - ATMS). You can use Vissim to create a digital model of your city's nodes and corridors, and then define various "what if" scenarios to evaluate different operational countermeasures and their impact on the overall traffic flow. You can also implement real-time data from sensors, cameras, or other sources into your simulation, and use adaptive signal control algorithms or other intelligent traffic systems to improve traffic efficiency and safety.


Vissim 8.0.46 is a powerful and versatile traffic simulation software that offers many new features and improvements over the previous versions. Whether you want to model and analyze traffic emissions, choose between micro, meso or hybrid simulation modes, test your ADAS or CAV technologies in virtual environments, or optimize your traffic control strategies with intelligent systems, Vissim 8.0.46 has everything you need to make your traffic planning and management projects more successful.

If you want to learn more about Vissim 8.0.46 or download a free trial version, visit the PTV Group website today.


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