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Douglas Stewart Ned Kelly Pdf 17

Douglas Stewart Ned Kelly PDF 17

Douglas Stewart was an Australian poet, playwright and critic who wrote a radio play and a stage play about the notorious bushranger Ned Kelly. The plays were based on historical sources and depicted Kelly as a complex and charismatic figure who embodied the Australian spirit of freedom and rebellion. The plays were first broadcast and performed in the 1940s and 1950s, and have been adapted for television and film. This article will provide an overview of Stewart's plays and their reception, as well as some links to online resources where you can access the PDF versions of the scripts.

douglas stewart ned kelly pdf 17


Ned Kelly: A Radio Play

Stewart's first play about Ned Kelly was written for the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) in 1942. It was broadcast on 21 June 1942, with a cast that included Peter Finch as Ned Kelly, John Tate as Steve Hart, John Meillon as Dan Kelly, and John Ewart as Joe Byrne. The play followed the main events of Kelly's life, from his early encounters with the law, to his formation of the gang, to his robberies at Euroa and Jerilderie, to his final showdown at Glenrowan. The play also explored Kelly's motivations, his relationship with his family and friends, and his views on justice and society. The play was well received by the listeners and critics, who praised Stewart's skillful dramatization of the historical material and his sympathetic portrayal of Kelly as a tragic hero.

Ned Kelly: A Stage Play

Stewart adapted his radio play into a stage play in 1943. It was first performed by the Sydney University Dramatic Society on 14 October 1943, with Norman Lindsay providing the illustrations for the program. The stage play was similar to the radio play in terms of plot and structure, but it also added some scenes and characters that were not in the original version. For example, Stewart introduced a female character named "The Roo", who was Kelly's girlfriend and accomplice. The stage play also emphasized the humor and irony of Kelly's situation, as well as the contrast between the civilized and the outlaw worlds. The stage play was performed in various venues in Australia and New Zealand in the 1940s and 1950s, and was also broadcast on BBC radio in 1955. The stage play was published by Angus and Robertson in 1943, 1946, and 1956.

Ned Kelly: A Television Play

Stewart's stage play was adapted for Australian television in 1959 by the ABC. It was directed by William Sterling and starred Ken Goodlet as Ned Kelly, John Godfrey as Steve Hart, Alan Hopgood as Dan Kelly, Syd Conabere as Joe Byrne, Betty Phillips as "The Roo", and Betty Kauffman as Mrs Skerritt. The television play focused on two main events: the robbery at Jerilderie and the siege at Glenrowan. It also used some location footage from Glenrowan, Strathbogie Ranges, Beaconsfield, and Guy's Hill to create a realistic atmosphere. The television play was aired on GTV-9 (Melbourne) on 21 October 1959 and on ABN-2 (Sydney) on 26 January 1960.


Douglas Stewart's plays about Ned Kelly are among the most influential and enduring works of Australian drama. They have contributed to the mythologization of Kelly as a national icon and a cultural symbol. They have also demonstrated Stewart's artistic talent and versatility as a writer who could adapt historical facts into compelling narratives for different media. If you are interested in reading or watching Stewart's plays about Ned Kelly, you can find some online resources below:

  • [Ned Kelly: A Radio Play]: This is a PDF file of the script of Stewart's radio play from 1942.

  • [Ned Kelly: A Stage Play]: This is a PDF file of the script of Stewart's stage play from 1956.

  • [Ned Kelly: A Television Play]: This is a YouTube video of the ABC's television adaptation of Stewart's stage play from 1959.

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