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Native Instruments Session Horns: A Review

If you are looking for a realistic and playable horn section for your music production, you might want to check out Native Instruments Session Horns and Session Horns Pro. These are Kontakt instruments that feature a variety of brass instruments sampled in pristine quality and arranged for authentic performance. Whether you need a tight, four-piece section or a larger, six-piece ensemble, these products can deliver the sound and flexibility you need.

Session Horns

Session Horns (SH), the third of Native Instruments' Kontakt library collaborations with Hamburg company e-instruments (their first two being Session Strings and its larger Pro sibling) aims to fit that niche. It consists of a trombone, a tenor sax, and two trumpets, sampled with multiple velocity layers, round robins, and articulations. You can play the whole section or divide it into sub-sections, such as two trumpets or sax and trombone. You can also use the Smart Voice Split function to automatically assign each note of a chord to the corresponding instrument, creating realistic horn arrangements on the fly.


SH also features an Animator function that provides over 170 pre-recorded phrases in various styles and moods. You can trigger up to six phrases at a time via keyswitches, and they will always be in sync and in harmony with your chords. The Animator is a great way to add some life and movement to your horn parts, or to get inspired by some catchy riffs.

SH has a simple and intuitive interface that lets you adjust the levels, panning, EQ, and compression of each instrument, as well as add some reverb and delay effects. You can also use the Twang amp simulation to add some warmth and glue to your mix. SH is aimed at contemporary genres such as funk, pop, reggae, indie, and neo-soul, but it can also be used for other styles that require a modern horn sound.

Session Horns Pro

Session Horns Pro (SHP) is the bigger and better version of SH, offering more instruments, more samples, more articulations, and more features. It includes 10 instruments: three saxophones (alto, tenor, baritone), two trombones (tenor, bass), three trumpets (Bb, flugelhorn, piccolo), tuba, and soprano sax. You can arrange them into sections of up to six pieces, with four independent voices that can be customized with different instruments and articulations.

SHP has a huge sound library of 30 GB (compared to SH's 3 GB), with up to four velocity layers and four round robins per note. It also has 34 articulations (compared to SH's 13), including true legato samples that capture all possible note transitions for each instrument. This means that you can play smooth and realistic melodies with SHP, using the Legato mode that automatically handles the transitions for you.

SHP also has an improved Animator function that offers over 200 phrases in 13 different styles. You can control the dynamics, complexity, timing, and target notes of each phrase using the mod wheel, keyswitches, or MIDI CCs. You can also create your own phrases using the Phrase Editor that lets you edit the notes, velocities, lengths, and articulations of each step.

SHP has a more advanced mixer section that allows you to tweak each voice separately with EQ, compression, tape saturation, and lowpass filter effects. You can also use the Send Effects section to add reverb and delay effects to each voice or to the master output. SHP also has a Convolution Reverb section that offers 38 impulse responses from various spaces and devices. You can use this to add some depth and character to your horn sound.


Native Instruments Session Horns and Session Horns Pro are both excellent products that offer realistic and playable horn sections for your music production. They are easy to use and flexible, with a variety of instruments, articulations, and features to suit your needs. Whether you need a simple and tight section or a large and expressive ensemble, these products can deliver the sound and performance you want. You can buy them from the Native Instruments website or from authorized dealers.


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