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Explore the detailed list of CustomerLab's Business Strategy Services

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Business Strategy Service

Experience the transformative power of our Business Strategy Services. With our strategic brilliance, we'll help you uncover hidden potential, seize lucrative opportunities, and outmanoeuvre the competition. 


Visual KPI System Development

The real-time monitoring and display of key performance indicators (KPIs) empower organizations to identify trends, spot anomalies, and make proactive adjustments.


You can choose the specific add-on services that suits your need.

Marketing Activities

  • Brand positioning

  • Brand archetype

  • Content creation

  • Mass media management

  • Product launch

  • Service launch

  • Brand-kit development (aligned with brand archetype)

  • Company literature


Financial Activities

  • OKR and KPIs

  • Business valuation service

  • Fundraising strategy and consultancy

  • Economics of business processes


Operations Activities

  • Documentation management system

  • Visual documentation

  • SOP development

  • Task management system

  • Task assessment system

  • Inventory management system


Human Resources Activities

  • Employee retention

  • Employee performance analysis

  • Goal setting

  • Hiring analysis and goal-based design

  • Hiring to firing process analysis and goal-based design

  • Employee habit formation

  • Reward system setup

  • Employee skill upgradation system


Research and Development Activities

  • Design thinking-based product or service analysis


Legal Activities

  • Compliance analysis

  • Legal documents

Customer Service Activities

  • CX

  • Developing customer care department


Information Technology Activities

  • Automation

  • Technology analysis and development

  • Digital infrastructure development


Procurement Activities

  • Outsourcing and freelancing management strategies


Business Strategy and Growth Activities

  • Designing a business strategy for growth

  • Kiezen for growth

  • Roadmap designing

  • Business agility analysis

  • Global expansion strategies


Management Activities

  • The role of management

  • Management hierarchy analysis and redesigning

  • Decision cycles and decision management system


Workplace Culture Activities

  • Work environment analysis and development

  • Etiquette analysis

  • Layout analysis


Crisis Management Activities

  • Crisis management analysis


Other Management Activities

  • Internal communication Strategy

  • External communication Strategy

  • Tools for business management and operations

  • Community building strategy for business sustainability

  • Investor relationship management

  • Online office management Strategy

  • Co-working space Strategy

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